Semi-Hard & Hard Cheese Production Lines

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“I am very pleased with MKT vat deliveries. We have reached our quality goals, meaning that we were able to make the vat perfectly suitable for our needs during its pilot phase.”

– Jarmo Kelloniemi, Cheese Expert, Valio Ltd

MKT MPCV (Multi-Purpose Cheese Vat)

MPCV is the latest in cheese production technology. A horizontal cheese vat designed to obtain the best possible yield and the most homogeneous curd size suitable for soft, semi-hard, and hard cheese types.

The cheese is cut in the vat with an individual cut method, both lengthwise and crosswise. All of the cutters are equipped with knives that can be removed for sharpening.

The vat is mechanically very durable, due to robust material and floating vat design.

The vat has an automatic rennet distribution system which is also CIP-cleanable. Powerful and precise integrated heating system with heating on the vat side and vat ends makes it easy to handle different recipes for different cheese types. As an option, the vat can be equipped with a whey suction unit to remove the whey out of the curd as well as to add water into the curd.

User-friendly Siemens S7 programmable logic controller with a touch panel makes it easy to operate the vat.

» Download MKT Multi-purpose Cheese Vat tech sheet here.

MKT PPV (Pre-Press Vat)

The pre-press vat is a piece of multipurpose equipment. It can handle various types of cheese, and you can operate it as a press vat or a pre-press vat.

It enables even curd distribution and efficient whey drainage, resulting in high yield.

The press vat allows lots of possibilities in cheese production. It is easy to cut different curd block sizes. You can shorten and lengthen the curd bed size, andit is easy to change the final cheese block size by adjusting the cutting feed. The unloading unit cuts the cheese into the desired block size.

The press vat can be equipped with a special curd distribution device that evens out the height of the curd bed and thereby optimizes accurate weight for the final cheese blocks. The curd distribution wagon makes the pre-press vat fully automatic with no need for manual work.


MKT MP (Mold Press)

Cheese mold presses are used for final pressing of cheeses. When automatic loading and unloading is preferred, the hygienic CIP-cleanable tunnel press is the best choice. MKT mold presses have a separate frame for receiving pressing forces, and that means longer lifespan for the press. The presses also have an innovative conveyor design for transporting the molds through the press.

In addition to the mold press, we also supply automatic mold filling and emptying equipment, tailor-made for your mold and the conveyor systems to transport the molds to and from the press. For manual production of small batches, we can offer semi-automatic presses with manual loading and pneumatic pressing.


Download a Free Guide for Reliable Cheese Production

Reliability in industrial cheese production is a sum of many parts. The reliability of the equipment is an essential part. If the equipment is not on the required level, the cheese factory will suffer from unnecessary production breaks and thereby significant losses of income.

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