The highest standard of cheese making equipment

The brand MKT has 100 year old tradition in designing and delivering demanding cheese production equipment for quality-conscious dairy producers in over 25 countries


countries we have delivered our equipment


years old industrial heritage


deliveries worldwide starting from 1962

Supporting equipment

It’s not just about cheese. The entirety matters.


How to get the taste just right every time – all the time? It’s not magic. Just smart technology.


Network monitoring for cheese?

Securing the dairy manufacturing process of the future This article is a part of the CyberFactory#1 project with the focus on designing, developing, integrating and demonstrating a set of key enabling capabilities to foster optimization and resilience of the Factories...

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MKT Dairy joined ITEA Cybersecurity project in 2019 to research and design a new cheese manufacturing process. As the project goes forward we liked to share a little insight what we are doing.

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