Highest standard in cottage cheese making

The brand MKT has 100 year old tradition in designing and delivering demanding cheese production equipment for quality-conscious dairy producers in over 25 countries.

You concentrate on perfecting your recipe; we’ll perfect the production quality. New manufacturing line or addition to existing plant? We’ve got you covered.


countries we have delivered our equipment


years old industrial heritage


deliveries worldwide starting from 1962

Supporting equipment

It’s not just about cheese.
The entirety matters.


How to get the taste just right every time – all the time? It’s not magic. Just smart technology.


Anuga Foodtec 2024

Anuga FoodTec is the most important information and business platform for new concepts and innovative developments in the international food and beverage industry. It is the world's only supplier fair that competently covers all aspects of food and beverage production...

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Cottage Cheese Production Equipment to Israel

Did you know which country consumes the most cottage cheese per capita? It’s Israel, of course! Our MKT business line’s flagship product is precisely the equipment for cottage cheese production. Consequently, one of our largest international clients is based in Israel.

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Industrial Cheesemaking Equipment You Can Rely On

There are hundreds of different components in an industrial cheese production line, and each of them is necessary. A single malfunction reflects on the entire production chain and is capable of causing unnecessary downtime and product loss that reflect on your deliveries and bottom line. By investing in high-quality, reliable equipment, you can ensure that you produce cheese of uniform quality and stay on production schedule.

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