Why MKT?

  • MKT products provide the best yield in the market
  • MKT products have a short repayment period
  • Tailor-made cheese equipment in collaboration with our customers

We are the market leader in cottage cheese vats in Northern Europe and we have worldwide deliveries to over 20 countries.

MKT is a leading cheese making equipment manufacturer. Our industrial heritage is almost 100 years old. We provide the highest standard of cheese making equipment.

Profitable cheese making needs high hygiene, reliable mechanical construction design and the yield. Challenge our systems and see how long it takes to return your investment.

We introduced the latest MKT MPCV cheese vat technology in Anuga Foodtec 2015 in Cologne. MKT MPCV vat is designed for hard, semi-hard, and special cheese types.

Do you need to update your cheese plant?


Our Mission of MKT is to provide our customers the leading edge technology in cheese production by introducing new innovative Cheese Making Equipment to the market.


countries we have delivered our equipment


years old industrial heritage


deliveries worldwide from 1962 to 2018


MKT is backed by the same people that turned “dreams” into reality by mechanizing and automating cheese making equipment and production lines since the 1980s.

  • First automatic Emmental Line 1983
  • First automatic Cottage Cheese Vat and Down Stream Line
  • Realized first “one man plant” in the world

Cooperation with the USDA authorities since the end of the 1970s

  • Equipment design with “built in” hygienic solutions
  • Easy to clean – difficult to contaminate

Extensive experience in global sales and execution of projects


  • Sweden UK
  • Norway Ireland
  • Denmark Germany
  • Iceland France
  • USA Luxemburg
  • Canada Switzerland
  • Uruguay Italy
  • New Zealand Portugal
  • Spain Russia
  • Poland Hungary
  • Greece Austria
  • Israel

Cheese making equipment made in Finland


MKT is well known for its individual and creative solutions to compose simple well-functioning production lines. Examples of areas where the MKT experience will make a significant contribution:

  • Whey discharge
  • Pre-pressing
  • Curd distribution
  • Mold Filling; directly with curd or pre-pressed
  • Weight accuracy
  • Enclosed presses
  • Mold washers
  • CIP cleaned equipment
  • Automatic Brining Systems
  • Automatic Production Lines

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