Cottage cheese line

Our ambition is to offer each and every customer a system that is the most functional and that will offer high productivity at an optimal investment.

We also supply single machine units for new or existing plants.


1. Cottage cheese vat
2. Cooling / washing tanks with integrated whey drainer
3. Water drainer
4. Mixer

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Cottage cheese is the most profitable end product of milk processing. This means that the production of cottage cheese is an almost perfect addition to the production range of many cheese factories.

“We have found MKT’s vats to be superior for the production of cottage cheese, and you get the best value for money.”

-Harri Mikkola, Process Expert, Valio Ltd


A new generation of Cottage Cheese Vat, in which the knowledge of the original designers is combined with the innovative product development of High Metal Oy.

  • The first vat on the market with knife cutters instead of wire cutters which means better yield and product safety.
  • Both long cut and cross cut knives are individually powered.
  • Single cut method enables optimal yield and curd identity.

With a high-quality cheese cutter, the end result of the cutting is precise; making the cheese granules as smooth as possible and the amount of poorly cut curd and cheese dust remains minimal. Evenly sized granules have a significant impact not only on the homogeneity of the cheese batch produced but also on the yield.

We have over 50 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and delivering cheese making equipment. This competence ensures a reliable delivery and a very satisfied end customer.


1. Excellent profit. Cottage cheese is currently one of the most profitable products in the further processing of milk. Due to volume production, the profitability of semi and hard cheese production is currently low, but the profit for cottage cheese production is good. Factors that influence the better profitability of cottage cheese include the favorable competitive situation for special cheeses and better opportunities for the modification and branding of cheeses.

2. A fast and straightforward production process. Unlike the lengthy production and maturing processes of basic cheeses, the production process of cottage cheese is short and the cheese is packed straight into consumer packages without maturing. The production of cottage cheese is fast and the production process easier to manage.

3. The production line won’t take much space. A cottage cheese production line can often be placed within the existing premises of the cheese factory. This makes a cottage cheese production line a good expansion option for existing cheese factories.


We are happy to help cheese factories succeed in cottage cheese production. Here are a few reasons to choose the MKT Cottage Cheese Line:

Turnkey delivery. We supply the entire cottage cheese production line including the Cottage Cheese Vat, Cooling/Washing Tank, Integrated Whey Drainer and Cottage Cheese Creamer. We also supply quality packing machines through our network. This allows you to get all equipment effortlessly from one place.

High yield percentage. The yield of our fully automatized and efficiently washing cottage cheese production line is top of the market. Our equipment allows the efficient utilization of available milk, which enables good profitability.

Reliable quality. Our cottage cheese equipment is used by the largest dairies producing cottage cheese all over Europe.

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You can also download our MKT Cottage cheese production line presentation app for Android or iOS.

Learn how to make high quality cottage cheese profitably.

Cottage cheese is the most profitable end product of milk processing. This means that the production of cottage cheese is an almost perfect addition to the production range of many cheese factories.

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