Valio purchased reliable equipment from MKT for making cottage cheese

The most advanced cottage cheese vat on the market

Valio’s cottage cheese is produced at the Seinäjoki plant – producing around seven million kilograms of cheese per year. The plant’s old equipment needed to be renewed with extra capacity for cheese production. Valio chose its long-term partner to supply the equipment.

“MKT is the only equipment supplier that genuinely engages in developing cottage cheese vats. Indeed, MKT’s cottage cheese vat is the most advanced on the market,” states cottage cheese plant process expert Jouko Haapanen from Valio.

“We have found MKT’s vats to be superior for the production of cottage cheese, and you get the best value for money,” adds process expert Harri Mikkola from Valio.

Equipment is developed as a result of working together

Prior to installation of the new vats, the people from MKT and Valio got together to analyse experiences gained from the old equipment. The opinions of Valio’s professionals were taken into consideration and the end result was a vat and a washing tank that are outstanding for making cottage cheese.

“MKT’s equipment meets all our requirements, we are very happy with the developments, and with the fact that this long-standing cooperation still continues. Whenever we run into something that needs to be modified or improved, MKT has always made these wishes come true,” says Haapanen.

“This new equipment will allow us to produce cottage cheese of an even higher quality,” adds Haapanen.

Reliable equipment enhances production reliability

Important enhancements have been made in washing and cutting technology, bringing the vats up to a whole new level. The 18-ton new vats are also larger than before and the equipment consumes less water, which contributes to significant savings in the making of cottage cheese. MKT’s new equipment also received praise for its production reliability.

“The cutting technology and other tools provided by the new vats are simply more reliable than others. Other than basic maintenance, there really is not that much else to do,” tells Mikkola.

“This new equipment has given us more certainty in the production of cheese,” Haapanen boasts.

Pleasing solution-focused way of working

Valio is not only pleased with MKT’s cheese vats and washing tanks, but also with MKT’s way of working.

“MKT invests in product development and in taking a serious grasp of tasks. There is a lot of development potential that still remains, and MKT has a highly motivated team that actively searches for solutions,” Haapanen states.

Watch an informative video about how our cottage cheese vat (CCV) works.