Equipment Washability is Vital to Cheese Production

What does cleanliness mean for a cheese dairy?

Once one batch of cheese is completed, you usually need to start the next one as soon as possible. However, the cheese vat usually needs to be washed and cleaned thoroughly before this happens. The entire next batch may be at risk if any residue from the previous batch remains in the vat after washing, or if other impurities are carried into the vat between processes. Even a small amount of lactic acid bacteria viruses, or phages, will contaminate an entire cheese batch.

Generally speaking, hygiene refers to cleanliness pursuant to healthcare requirements. However, this is not enough for cleaning equipment used for cheese production. Achieving this level of cleanliness requires the innovative and tireless utilization of chemicals and mechanical methods. The cleanliness and, in particular, the cleanability of the vat and other equipment are absolute prerequisites for sustainable, high-quality cheese production.

Good washability is demanding on the equipment

Even harsher methods are on the table when you need to clean the cheese vat thoroughly enough to eliminate even single phages. The vat is washed at high temperatures using both highly alkaline and acidic detergents. This will substantially heat up and expand the cheese vat. In addition to the thermal expansion and strong chemicals, the cheese vat is subjected to impacts, pulling and general rough handling on a daily basis. However, it needs to withstand all of this in order to keep the production line clean enough for manufacturing high-quality cheese.

When choosing their production line, a cheese dairy firstly needs to ensure that the washing results and level of cleanliness are satisfactory and, secondly, that the equipment can withstand all the necessary cleaning activities.

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Automation creates even washing results

The times are long gone when cheese vats were washed manually. As we explained in our earlier blog post, automation is utilized more and more in all cheese production equipment and the same trend also applies to the washing stage.

Automatic washing for the cheese vat will substantially improve its washability and the washing results. An automatically operating cheese vat will clean itself using wash balls located inside the vat. High-quality automatic washing ensures sustained, clean end results.

The MKT Ultrasonic washing machine cleans cheese molds and lids

We discussed cheese vats above, but the cleanliness of the rest of the cheese line is equally important. We developed the MKT Ultrasonic washing machine specifically for washing and cleaning molds and lids used in cheese manufacturing. It can be integrated into the MKT cheese making line and it operates fully automatically.

MKT Ultrasonic washing machine

MKT Ultrasonic washing machine has the following advantages: 1) extremely effective cleaning result of cheese molds and lids, 2) low detergent consumption, and 3) use of ultrasonic elements means a very good washing result even for the most complicated mold designs.

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