The secrets of high-quality industrial cheese production

Uniform quality is the goal in industrial cheese production

Cheese production process naturally aims at an end product of high and consistent quality. Operating a cheese production line requires continuous adaptation, monitoring, and optimisation. When a consumer picks their weekly block of edam cheese from the store, they expect the flavour, the colour and the mouthfeel to be the same as before. In industrial cheese making, like in making other general consumer products, the goal is to continuously produce consistent and reliable quality.

The foundation lies in the raw materials

The milk used in industrial cheese production has a significant impact on the quality of the product. Several different factors affect the quality of milk, such as the feed of the cattle, the method of milking them, foreign substances that may enter the milk, and the methods of processing the milk in different phases of production. In general, it is hard to set tightly defined requirements for milk used in industrial cheese making, because different types of cheese require different kinds of milk. However, milk suited for cheese production is usually described with the term cheese-worthy.

It all begins in a cheese vat

Industrial cheese machinery is an important part of high-quality cheese production. In the heart of it all, there is the cheese vat. The cheese vat and the entire cheese production line must meet the demands of cheese trends, of which we wrote in more detail some time ago. A high-quality cheese vat must be easy to wash and durable, among other things. Furthermore, cutting, heating, mixing, and moulding benefit from selecting the correct equipment, and that also helps in reducing production loss, increasing the efficiency of the cheese production line, and ensuring the high quality of the cheese produced.

When selecting your cheese vat and your other industrial cheese production equipment, it is of utmost importance that attention is paid to details.


A guide to selecting a cheese vat

We wrote a free guide to selecting a cheese vat to ease the work of cheesemakers. In the handbook we listed the five most important things to consider in industrial  cheese production for attaining consistent quality. After reading our guide, you will pay attention to just the right things when buying a cheese vat. Download the free guide here.